// devoiced remixed [ TRR-007 ]

devoiced was re-worked, deconstructed and charmingly misspelled by amazing artist from several countries. All my respect, love and appreciation for their work.

Artwork remixed by Bungalovv

We sent Agustin Genoud’s “devoiced” (TRR-007) to different artists and asked them to use it as raw sonic material, a starting point to build their own narratives or do whatever they want with it. The result is a collection of remixes, reworks and completely new musical ideas pierced by the cyber-swamp textures of the original piece.

released July 16, 2018

Levels & spectrum adjusted by Astrosuka
Produced by Astrosuka

// Artist

myen (Germany) soundcloud.com/myentericplexus
Ro Stambuk (Argentina) soundcloud.com/ro-stambuk
Bungalovv (Argentina) soundcloud.com/bungalovv-ii
Daniel Ruane (UK) soundcloud.com/daniel-ruane-2
Candie (Argentina) soundcloud.com/kndie
Maja (Argentina) soundcloud.com/soytuproveedoradedroga
Yegua (UK) soundcloud.com/yegua999
Javier Bustos (Argentina) soundcloud.com/javier_bustos
Ida Dillan (Norway) soundcloud.com/idadillan
Galtier (UK/Aus) soundcloud.com/galtier
Okte (Argentina) soundcloud.com/okteh
Astrosuka (Argentina) soundcloud.com/astrosuka
j.crowe (Argentina) soundcloud.com/jotacrowe
FKurch (Argentina) soundcloud.com/florencia-kurch

// Press

 Resident Advisor New tracks, Agustín Genoud - Perdido (Galtier Remix), 17/7/2018