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Since 2011 I’m building training processes to dismember and disseminate radical thoughts & bodies. They all articulate sound, technology, philosophy, perception & politics in different ways.  As a proffesor im giving degree and graduate courses in the National University of Arts & the National University of San Martín in Argentina. I’m giving vocal coaching for solo singers of contemporary and experimental music and also as workshops in Cultural Centres and Art Spaces around the world.

My main interests right now are:

The voice as a sound synthesis generator. Advanced computer music and synthesis techniques as organic trainers for experimental and expanded voice techniques.

Designing virtual instruments & sound processing algorithms.

Post organic embodiment in sound performance.

All these thoughts and works have been put together in a series of pedagogical practices, a few of them where:

∆    Trans Synthetic Vocalities Workshop

The workshop seeks to develop a factory of dissenting voices. Experiment and go through singing to deconstruct stratified hegemonic constructions within the subjective, bodily and social hegemonic platform. We will explore how to treat the voice apparatus as a producer of modular sound designs in real time. Focusing on technical aspects of voice and sound we will experience how to produce noises not assigned to humanoid vocal capacity and develop a hybrid work with technology, living and non living matter. The objective is to advance on an exploration of vocal abilities from a parametric and synthetic point of view of sound production throughout the body. A post human and animalistic approach is used to understand the transitions between electronic and organic bodies; focusing on intensity production based on a spectralist and materialistic performance practice.

Through a series of exercises and processes, we will explore anatomically, physically and electronically the production of body and voice sounds. In the workshop you will see techniques of care and cultivation of the voice and body for beginners as well as advanced techniques of singing and expanded voice. The techniques and exercises to explore are also useful to have a better understanding of the voice apparatus, its health and good maintenance in any type of singing or voice projection and performing technique. No prior knowledge is necessary.

    Trans Synthetic Vocalities @ Brno University of Technology – Faculty of Fine Arts | Terèn Field for Performing Arts - October 2019

    Trans Synthetic Vocalities @ Investigaciones del Futuro - December 2018

    Trans Synthetic Vocalities  @Coloquio Internacional: Perspectivas en torno al arte contemporáneo.  Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Salta - May 2019

∆    Biosensors & biometric hacking for radical bodies and sound

       @ Metabody Symposium - Santiago de Chile

    @ Sonandes - International Biennal of Sound Art - La Paz

∆    Plug-ins design in Max for Live

    @National University for The Arts - Buenos Aires