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Agustin Genoud (1984 – Argentina, Baradero)
Performer, musician and academic in the fields of contemporary voice and posthumanism. I build systems and design processes that expand and transform vocal production. I produce expanded voice techniques that modulate and interfere with the sounds humanly assigned to the vocal tract through machinic and animalistic gestures. I facilitate collective spaces such as workshops and practices on processes of dehumanization of the voice and vocal and sound deterritorialization.

I was heard and gave workshops at: Documenta 15 (Kassel), Bauhaus Universität (Weimar), CTM Festival (Berlin), Festival Ruido (Bs. As.) - Tsonami sound art festival (Valparaíso), Sonandes sound art biennial (La Paz), Terén Pole performativního umění (Brno), Wavefarm (USA), Studio für Elektroakustische Musik (Weimar), Razzmattazz (Barcelona), Búnker (Torino), International Festival of Experimental Music (Sao Paulo), Metabody Symposium (Santiago de Chile ), Sound Art Center (Bs. As), CCK (Bs. As.), Teatro Colón Experimental Center (Bs. As) and Investigaciones del Futuro (San Martín), among other places. I received the Music & Sound scholarship for the Berliner Künstler*programm des DAAD 2024.