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Agustin Genoud (1984 – Argentina, Baradero)
I work as a performer, musician and scholar in the fields of contemporary voice, post-humanism & new media. I build algorithms and systems that expand and transform the vocal sound production. I create expanded voice techniques that disrupt and interfere with the humanly assigned sounds to the vocal tract and try to expand those capacities through machinic and animalistic behaviors.

I’ve been heard at Sonandes Sound Art International Biennal / Music
Makers Hack Lab - CTM Festival (Berlín) / Pure Data Convention (Weimar) / Centro Nacional
 de la Música / Terén Pole performativního umění (Brno) / Razzmattazz (Barcelona) / Búnker (Torino) / The Wrong International Biennal / Tsonami Sound Art Festival (Chile) / MALBA / Festival Internacional de Música Experimental 2017 (Sao Paulo) / Metabody Symposium / New Materialisms Symposium / Colón Theatre Experimental Centre,
 among many other places.

As a scholar and lecturer my work deals around post-humanism, new materialisms, expanded voice performances & biopolitics, I teach and research at the National University for the Arts (New Media Department) & Tres de Febrero University.