devoiced { TRR 05 }

artwork Sergey Kolesov

| [ TRR 05 ] Agustin Genoud - devoiced | 26/3/2018 online release by |

devoiced it’s a numbing intuition presented as an immersive live electronic music shell.
devoiced tries to exacerbate everything that explodes when human, animal and machinichal concepts are throwing against each other. Fighting and dancing, strobing one another in a post-human baroque anti-opera. Dehumanized voices & software re-compose themselves as brutalistic ways of expression. Cyborg bestiality as a gesture, voice as a sea of interconnected oscillators, evolving algorithms as a selvatic gestuality.

Created with a software programmed in Max/MSP to process and spatialize voice sounds in real time. Every sound material it’s created through expanded voice techniques (Belcanto, Beat-Box, Contemporary music techniques, popular music and grindcore) as the only sound source.

I’ve programmed this software during the summer of 2015 and it evolved through several performances in Argentina, Chile, Brasil, Bolivia, Paraguay & Germany. In spring 2017 I started to recording some improvisations directly from the Max output. Some of those recorded performances with minimal post-production (general compression) are the tracks that integrate “devoiced”. TRR 05 it’s an archived ecosystem of my experimentation with expanded voice techniques & live electronics. A selvatic tecno universe, a tide of chances.

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