// Trans Synthetic Vocalities (Practice / Workshop)

The workshop seeks to develop a factory of dissenting voices. Experiment and go through singing to deconstruct stratified hegemonic constructions within the subjective, bodily and social platform.

From 2017 we’ve been working with different formats and approaches. It is part of an ongoing research process on non human and post-materialistic voices. We develop different practices around physical excercises, deep listening, computer vocal models (animal & human) and speech synthesis.

Workshop Archive

@Inverstigaciones del Futuro (Campamento temporario,  San Martín, 2019).

@“Perspectivas en torno al Arte Contemporáneo” International Coloquim (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Salta, 2019).

@Terén pole performativního ( University of Technology – Faculty of Fine Arts , Czechia, 2019).

@UNSEEN (Online platform by Skupina label, Slovakia & Czechia, 2021).

@CCK “Simbiología, prácticas artísticas en un planeta en emergencia” (Buenos Aires, 2022).

@ACC Galerie (Weimar, 2022).

@“I’m not sitting in a room” International conference (Bauhaus Universität, Weimar, 2022).

@Documenta 15, Rancho Cuis by “Serigrafistas Queer” (Kassel, 2022).

We explore how to treat the voice apparatus as a producer of modular sound designs in real time. Focusing on technical aspects of voice and sound we experience how to produce noises not assigned to humanoid vocal capacity and develop a hybrid work with technology. The objective is to advance on an exploration of vocal abilities from a parametric and synthetic point of view of sound production throughout the body. A post human and animalistic approach is used to understand the transitions between electronic and organic bodies; focusing on intensity production based on a spectral and materialistic performance practice.

A workshop to explore techno-vocal performative practices that oscillate between human, animal & robotic vocalizations from a post-human and new materialistic perspective. Based on contemporary expanded singing, corporal and holistic techniques, we propose a common space for collective performance, discussion, sharing andabyss to a temporary depersonalized voice.

Developing an awareness of how our own voices build themselves (technically and symbolically) and how it interacts with other voices is key to expanding social interaction amid differences and conflict. Voice is a pillar of self identification, exploring performative practices to build relationships with animalistic, technical and unhumanized voicing processes creates new paths to rethink ourselves and our being together.

Exploring anatomically, physically and electronically the production of body and voice, identifying the smaller parts that make up the larger vocal apparatus, which extends beyond our bodies and entangles with technical and symbolic systems. We will use this as a catalyst to understand the creation of a common voice that comprehends individuality, identity and dialogue in a hyperconnected technologically and semiotically over-stimulated environment.

Focusing on technical aspects of voice and sound production we will experience how to produce noises not assigned to humanoid vocal capacity and develop a hybrid work with technology.

Block Diagrams & trans synthetic notation

We develop a notation based on electronic design block diagrams to analyse and produce vocal sounds. Those modules are based on a parametric analysis of the vocal sound production and produce different approaches to hack the vocal sound proceses.

“R” sound module

“K” sound module