Unseen is an online platform and web archive that presents different approaches to listening and cultivating the relationship between our bodies, space and sound. Through a series of exercises, methods and video guides, we are invited to focus on sound as a tool for relieving feelings of separation and isolation, as a tool for imagining better futures.

Developed and curated by Ján Solčáni and Skupina Label.

Unseen is a freely available, bilingual (English-Slovak) online platform/web-archive whose main goal is to present selected interdisciplinary art pieces working between listening / body / space, which can be perceived as sets of mechanics and procedures capable of reflecting contemporary social, political and environmental situation.  
The aim is to stage the artistic practice and methodology as a tool for everyday practice; as a set of mechanics and procedures working outside the institutional framework of art. It should represent artistic methods and experiences as a knowledge which is able to critically disrupt the mechanisms of capitalist and neo-liberal labour. Tools for better understanding, for better care, for calming down, experimenting with ourselves.

Curated by Ján Solčáni
Artists involved AGF, Tatiana Heuman, Ryoko Akama, Brandon LaBelle, Eva Priečková, Aleš Čermák, Franziska Windisch, Ami Yamasaki, Cevdet Erek.

The project is made with the support of Slovak art council and Skupina label.

My collaboration was a Trans Synthetic Vocalities “train-along”. The piece is a 45 minutes vocal training video around contemporary and experimental vocal techniques.

Some thoughts about the work:

Since 2010 I have been working and developing contemporary and experimental vocal techniques. In 2018 I created a specific training approach called Trans-Synthetic Vocalities based on a new materialist and post-human view of the vocal tract as a synthesis apparatus.

The workshop seeks to develop a factory of dissenting voices. Experiment and song working to deconstruct stratified hegemonic constructions within the subjective, bodily and social platform. We will explore how to treat the voice apparatus as a producer of modular sound designs in real time. Focusing on technical aspects of voice and sound we will experience how to produce noises not assigned to humanoid vocal capacity and develop a hybrid work with technology. The objective is to advance the exploration of vocal abilities from the parametric and synthetic point of view of sound production throughout the body. A post-human and animalistic approach is used to understand the transitions between electronic and organic bodies; focusing on the intensity of production based on a spectral and materialistic performance practice. We see techniques of care and cultivation of the voice and body for beginners as well as advanced techniques of singing and expanded voice. The techniques and exercises explored are also useful for gaining a better understanding of the voice apparatus, its health and good maintenance in any type of singing or voice projection and performing technique.

This video piece based on the works and exercises of the workshop was produced specifically for the Unseen project to contribute as a companion for research and experimentation; as an opportunity to re-practice and re-think the relationship between bodies, technology and voices as a performative social production medium.

This is the link for the piece https://www.unseen.help/agustin-genoud-en/. Please check all the other amazing works published in the platform.