// Hyper:SubATOMIC:Concert:Booth

The Hyper subATOMIC Concert Booth it’s a 1 on 1 performatic space. One musician and one person from the audience meet inside a booth and develop an intimate performance. Instruments and systems created ad-hoc are used to explore micro sounds during a period from 5 to 10 minutes.
The public requests a turn on arrival and has a specific time to witness the performance. There is a waiting room for the audience so they can wait their turn. We do between 15 and 20 performances per day.

The pictures where taken at the Juan de Zalazár Cultural Centre (AECID) in Asunción Paraguay. This performance was part of the program RÍO, derivatives of listening. The artists for the booths where Zigo Rayopineal, Camila Dos Santos & Agustín Genoud.

// A Stereo Stethoscope with monitoring system was build specifically for the performance. All the sound where produced by voice, mouth and membrane.