RÍO { Derivatives of Listening }

RÍO is an transdisciplinary project devoted to investigate multiple perspectives of listening. Listening It’s an structural catalyst of our relationship with the world, as individual, grupal beings, and as a society we build our habitat based on what we can, want and are able to listen. A huge part of our sensitive, perceptive and poetic system it’s buils based on our possibility or impossibility of experiment a dialog with another through listening. However, the psicosocial, spiritual & poetic role of listening it’s underestimated constantly. The narcotic use and overproduction of images and sounds, as well as social experiences of a dubious value, beyond it’s market value, attempt against the possibility to generating a full development of our cognitive, sensitive and perceptive systems; of our capacity to relate socially, with our environment and with our natural resources.

RÍO aims to strengthen practices and build experiences than can intensify the production of multiples listening organisms, be these conceptuals, materials, digital, social, sensitives, perceptive or environmental; in order to function as a catalyser of dialog, individual, social and cosmic self-perception.

RÍO it’s build transnationally. It’s first node was in Asunción (Paraguay) between 30/7/2017 and 10/8/2017. The work was commissioned and by the National Symphonic Orchestra of Paraguay and exhibited in the Architecture, Design & Arts Faculty of the National University of Asunción, the Paraguayan-German Institute of Culture, and the Juan de Zalazár Cultural Centre (AECID). The work was based on the field investigations of the anthropologist researcher Mito Sequera wich is part of RÍO with Camila Dos Santos (Asunción), Zigo Rayopineal (Buenos Aires) and Agustín Genoud (Baradero) .

// RÍO Installation
Immersive multichannel installation. Through a real-time algorithm field recordings and synthesis processes are spatialized creating an evolving sound ecosystem. Presented at the Paraguayan-German Institute of Culture.

Idea, realization & montage Zigo Rayopineal, Camila Dos Santos & Agustín Genoud
Field Recordings Mito Sequera, Zigo Rayopineal & Agustín Genoud
Synthesis, Voice Sounds & Real-Time Spatialization Software Agustín Genoud

// Workshops
Expansive experimentation in the sound environment by Zigo Rayopineal & Camila Dos Santos
Developing specific practices for expanded techniques of instrumental interpretation, recording, live processing & sound field recordings.

Sound Landscape & Expanded Listening by Zigo Rayopineal
Focused on the careful listening of a particular space and its sound record, to then compose a piece based on the sounds of the place.

Cyborg Landscapes & Deferred Listens by Agustín Genoud
The concept of landscape as an active instrument, technologically mediated, to build post-humans listening experiences. Listening as a catalyst of processes of depersonalization and instrument of transformation.

The workshops were held at the Architecture, Design & Arts Faculty (FADA - Asunción National University) & at the Paraguayan-German Cultural Centre of Asunción.

// Performances & Concerts
The concerts are developed based on the investigation of materials, sound files and field recordings of the place. The concerts & performances aims to create an immersive sound environment for listening and sound experimentation. The concerts were held at the Paraguayan-German Cultural Centre & at the Juan de Zalazar Cultural Centre (AECID) in Asunción.

Expanded Voice, Live Electronics & Cyborg Ecosystems (25’)
Agustín Genoud

Expanded Cello & Real-Time Electronics (30’)
Camila Dos Santos & Zigo Rayopineal