la_muerte is an electronic percussion disturbance from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Situated in a very wide grey area between free improvisation & electronic music, everything you will hear from la_muerte is performed live. The rhythmic ecosystem is created in a flux between the three performers, every event is part of an evolving bio-machine traveling in a quantic grid landscape. There’s no sequencing at all and there is no aim to create a fixed rhythm or to evoke known feelings at any moment, everything is pad & knob operated in real time. la_muerte is a struggle with how live electronic music should be.

Conformed by Astrosuka -Sergey Kolesov-, Volll -Pablo Verón- & Agustin Genoud in June 2017, the three of them are members of the TRRUENO collective, and very active performers with several projects in the electronic and experimental scene in BA. la_muerte has been performing live since then in the Sound Art Centre of Buenos Aires and also in a lot of underground places. This is their first release recorded from live improvisations and there is already a second one of ambient pieces coming soon.

la_muerte released it’s homonym record in May 7, 2018

Pablo Verón [Volll] - MPC 2500
Sergey Kolesov [Astrosuka] - Push 2
Agustín Genoud - Analog Rytm 

Recorded at Estudio Libres in July of 2017
Mix & mastering: la_muerte
Artwork: Sergey Kolesov