2 Vocal compositions for voice, double mic and processing.

The Inaudita project arises as a continuity of the collaborations between the micro collective, Alma Laprida and Constanza Castagnet. It is a stage within the framework of a study process around the voice and listening, understanding both phenomena as cultural constructions. A delineated and regulated territory where the notions of identity, power and excess have their clear edges.

Inaudita has as a precedent other projects based on invitations and artistic files developed by colectivo micro. In them, the design of devices that allowed sharing questions with whom the possibility of doing something together was remote but related at the same time was explored. Processes that found the body, voice and movement as focuses. In these projects, as well as now in Inaudita, the notion of the archive was worked on as a place that houses an investigative coexistence. Something alive and relational, a space where aesthetic strategies and procedures can coexist as vital exercises.

You can visit the Inaudita project online and listen to the pieces commisioned by the guests:

| Agustín Genoud | Bárbara Togander | Carmen Baliero | Celia Argüello Rena | Dani Zelko | Etcétera | Juan Onofri Barbato | Julieta Massacese | Marcos Perearnau | Roger Colom | Virginia Buitrón | Viviana González

Curatorship of Inaudita project was developed by:
Alma Laprida | Constanza Castagnet | Elina Rodríguez | Virginia Barcelona