// Carne de Dios

Original music for the film “Carne de Dios”, written and directed by Patricio Plaza, produced by Ojo Raro films.

The film won the award for best national short film at the 37th Mar del Plata international film festival.

The 17th century. Somewhere in the Mexican mountains, a Catholic friar who has fallen victim to a strange disease is carried by his native disciple to the home of an indigenous healer. The old woman will try to cure him by performing an ancient ritual that will have unexpected effects in the body and mind of the evangelist.

Written and directed by Patricio Plaza.
Running time: 21 min.
Genre: Folk Horror, Political Terror, Fantasy.
Language: Mazateco
Production Countries: Argentina - México
Color, Sonido dolby 5.1, 4K.

Ojo Raro Films