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CALATO is an improvisation and experimental composition quartet from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its work draws from free jazz, punk, and abstract noise while exploring the possibilities of music notation and graphic scores in convergence with free improvisation, deep listening and explosive interaction. CALATO's sound is based around two wildly attacked prepared guitars, a drum set played with chopsticks, and an amplified voice that does all sort of things, most of which you wouldn't call "singing". It was formed in 2010, since then CALATO has performed widely in Argentina, Uruguay (2014) and Brasil (2016, 2017) and is planning an upcoming tour around Europe for 2018.

Jorge Espinal            Prepared Guitar
Javier Areal Velez    Prepared Guitar
Pablo Verón               Drums & Sampler
Agustín Genoud       Voice |

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Corría el año 2012. Video Pauli Coton

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SAIPOTP is an international compilation made by Ryan Walsh from StereoNeg records which includes bands of experimental, free-jazz, noise, and strange music from various countries of Latin America.

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Filmado el miércoles, 19 de Septiembre en Plasma
Fecha compartida con El abrazo Polar- Placard-Calato.